About the foundation

Originally established in 1973, The Tax Institute took over the administration of the Foundation in 1997.

The aim of the Australian Tax Research Foundation is to continue to research taxation at all levels of government with a view to arriving at systems which are simple, fair and efficient. To this end, the Foundation commissions expert and impartial research into all aspects of taxation systems in Australia which are of current concern and relevance to Governments and the wider community. By publishing the results of its studies and the proceedings of its conferences the Foundation aims to make its work available to all Australians with an interest in taxation reform.

The Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organisation in Australia. Its research is independent and impartial and makes a valuable contribution to the understanding and improvement of the Australian tax system by commissioning research, organising conferences and seminars and subsequently publishing numerous publications. Published research has been accepted on the curricula of tertiary institutions in economics and taxation law, and the more accessible publications have been welcomed by the wider community as informative documents. The Foundation is instrumental in building an intellectual reservoir of tax reform proposals with the hope of creating a "tax vision" for Australia.